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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Family, These were taken in Sumpter, Oregon. It's an old gold mining town. Dad loved this Dredge (large boat with scoops). Dad panned for gold and brought home some gold flecks and some garnets he panned. We visited the flea market in town. We had a nice day. We enjoyed getting away together for a few days. Our friends let us stay in thier home while since they were gone. So it was a cheap getaway!

8 More days of school and counting! We are both looking forward to sleeping in and not working with kids all day.
Dad is taking a motorcycle class to get his endorsement (license) Wed and Thur. He had to take two days off of school. So he only has 6 more days!
Wee are planning a trip to Dallas to see Chauntel's family June 19- 26th. Can't wait! This will be the first time we have seen Jackson since his surgery, and we will get to see thier new home!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

These are cute pictures of Kara and Carter when I watched them this week.
Dad is enjoying riding his bike to school and on rides with friends! On Monday for FHE we rode with our friends the Roses out to Benton City and home on beautiful back roads! It was so warm we rode in short sleeves. I can see why Das loves the bike we had alot of fun seeing the lovely word unhindered. My favorite part is putting my arms around him and talking into his ear:)

Yesterday Rochelle's family took me to breakfast. Kim and Kara joined us. It was fun to be with them! Dad made me breakfast this morning, yum! Rochelle has invited us for a BBQ tonight after church. I feel spoiled and loved! I hope my daughters who are blessed to be Mother's will have a nice day with their families! Happy Mother's Day from your mother!

Please keep Jackson in your prayers this week. He needs our faith and prayers to help him grow and be healthy.

Dad and I are counting the days until we have our summer vacation! I love this warm weather!

I love you all,