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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Compare how much snow has fallen.

Check out these pictures. This is about 6 hours later. Ryan went out on the patio and measured the how deep the snow was. It was 7 inches, I am quessing maybe 8 to 9 inches by now. Check out the bottom of the fence. The snow right now is up the bottom of 2x4.
Also the trampline is complete gone, just the cylinder shape of snow on top of the trampline.

I am not sure how tall the arm of the sun dial is but it is almost gone.

I can not remember how long it's been since I have seen it snow this hard for this long.

Mom wont update so I will.

Tristin was admitted to the hospital on Monday the 21st with RSV. He had a bad cough that was crackling in his chest. They had him on oxygen and was given him treatments. He was able to come home on Friday. Saturaday Gavin was admitted to the hopital. Same thing, RSV. He is not as bad and probably will not stay as long. Bailey and Kooper flew in to visit Kendall and Tristin. It was a nice visit. I didn't get to see them to much. I was busy Tues, Wed. and Thurs. in the evening. Kooper loved playing with Carter and mom's day care.

Dad and Tristin. This is how dad babysit. Time just flies by.

We are getting snow. They canceled all of our Church meeting today. Freezing rain last night and now 4 to 6 inches of snow. It is fun to watch the snow fall. We are suppose to get a couple more hours of snow. Rochelle and Ryan are on their way over to spend the day with us. Turkey dinner to night for dinner.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Since Mom won't update Dad will.

My honey with a flower from clown.

Great family.

I was showing Kooper and Jackson some pictures on the computer of my motorcycle. They were loving it.