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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Compare how much snow has fallen.

Check out these pictures. This is about 6 hours later. Ryan went out on the patio and measured the how deep the snow was. It was 7 inches, I am quessing maybe 8 to 9 inches by now. Check out the bottom of the fence. The snow right now is up the bottom of 2x4.
Also the trampline is complete gone, just the cylinder shape of snow on top of the trampline.

I am not sure how tall the arm of the sun dial is but it is almost gone.

I can not remember how long it's been since I have seen it snow this hard for this long.


Bailey said...

I love how fascinated you are by the snow. We had rain all day so I was glad it was too warm to snow. Well I'm not going to lie I am glad I missed the storm, I am so sick of snow. With that much snow you can count on cancelled school!!!