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Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Grandsons

Kendall and Gavin are getting aquainted. What a beautiful mom and cute kid.

This is Gavin Martin, 6 lbs. 11 oz. he was born second so he is the younger brother. Born Dec. 19th. around 12:40 pm.

This is Tristin Rodger. What a great name. Tristin is the oldest brother but is only 5 lbs. 15 oz. so even though he is older his brother is bigger.

The doctor says they are not identical. They are health and have all their fingers and toes. They were released to come home Dec. 20th around 6:00 pm. Now the fun really begins.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag Your It!

Thanks Bailey! Since we haven't updated our blog since Oct I guess this forces me to do it. You know if I was as funny at saying things as my girls I would look forward to this assignment. You all know how much I love Dad so here goes.

1.Every where we go we see people who have had kids in Dad's class at Burbank. Even last night in the Temple we saw Bishop Lot ans his wife. They were strangers to me but they knew Dad. And every time we see people who know him they ALWAYS say "You are my kids favorite teacher by far". So if you didn't know this, your Father is loved by many not just his family.

2. Dad loves to do yard work and is happiest when he has a project to do out there. He really has a green thumb. It wasn't always this way. Trial and error and tips from his father. So it is a learned thing but he definitely has a gardening talent. I think he would have made a great landscaper as a career. Thank goodness he chose teaching, the insurance has been a blessing to our family.

3. Even I didn't know this about Dad until a year ago, He loves riding motorcycles!!! I am so glad his back is better so he can ride again in in the Spring. He loves his Honda Aero. I've never seen anything besides his kids and grandchildren to make him smile and laugh with such pure joy! He is so handsome in his leathers and bandanna, look out Peter Fonda (Easy Rider star)!

4. Dad believes in free agency and practices it in our marriage. He lets me make my own choices. It has helped me learn from my choices. When we married I couldn't make choices on my own very well. I thought I would go from a Mom to help me to a Husband to make them for me. I can't say I give him the same courtesy, that's one of the reasons I value that quality in him. I think it is a quality our Heavenly Father has.

5. Bet you didn't know what a sense of humor your Dad has:) I guess that's not a secret to you who know him. That quality is what lead me to fall in love with him. What fun to have someone to laugh with during the good and tough times. He keeps things in prospective for me. There is always a funny side to things or a blessing to see in life's trial's.

Well maybe you knew all these things about Dad but it is nice for me to remember and write them down!

Tag to Kendall, Jeremy, and Mike ( the guys must do thier wives) Have fun!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dad's back is still a pain

Just got back from the surgeon. He said, another month with physical therapy. I was so emotional just knowing a time, and no surgery that I broke into tears coming home. I have three appoints set up for therapy next week. Called Mr. Taylor my principle told him and now just a lot of therapy work.
Mom celebrated Kim's move by cleaning and Kendall didn't hestiate to move into the middle bedroom. Life is good.
Mom and I grateful for all our blessings, family, friends, jobs, health, the gosple, the priesthood, and for prayer.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I Loved the cruise and Hawaii! But mostly I loved being with my family! What a great opportunity for me to grow closer to them. A person really gets spoiled on the ship.

These Pictures are on Oahu. The rest of my pictures are on Steve's lap top. He will be sending them to me soon. I was unprepared with such a small digital camera card! I took about 300 pictures and mine only holds 100.

I love the Temple grounds! They are so beautiful. I can't decide if I love the Ocean beaches or the green mountains best. Snorkling was my favorite thing! I was so brave to do it with out Rodger to hang on to. The fish are so wonderful.

If you haven't heard, Rochelle has breast cancer. We would really appreciate all your prayers for her recovery. Thanks so much. she has a new blog with info about her journey through this disease. the address is rolumpybreast.blogspot.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to School

This picture is of Dad and I with Mount Rainier in the background. We took this on a trip to Packwood.

Dad and I are back in the swing of things and glad we had such a nice summer. I went to Packwood with Rochelle's family and Dad went on his bike with Cole Labor Day. I tried to put pictures up and my blog won't let me or I am doing something wrong. Janet and I went the the Parade of Homes Saturday. Ther are some very rich people out there and some very pretty homes. There were two that were contemporary in design and in decor. They were interesting to look at but I would never choose that for my self. We ahd another wedding reception on Friday. One of the Linde girls. We have had a bunch of weddings this year. Our branch numbers are dwindling. We had our branch dinner on thursday and we only had about 15 come. Last night we had FHE here and we had about 10. I made sinful brownies and they loved them! Wed we have branch temple baptisms. I am going to do a session while Dad helps with the baptisms. So we are keeping busy. I am looking forward to the cruise next week. I'm alittle nevous that I won't be able to tolerate so much ease and relaxing:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Camping at Mount Rainier

Jillian, Kendall and the grandkids roped mom and I into camping. They wanted to go to Mount Rainier. So Monday and Tuesday we did the primative life style.
We had two absolutely beautiful days. The road was block to Sun Rise, so we hiked and did all of our sight seeing on the south side of the mountain.

We hiked around Paradise, Silver Falls and the Grove of the Patriarchs. Kamden and Carter did really good. Although Carter hitched a ride most of the time.

We camped at Ohonakopoch. We had somemores, hot dogs, chips, and of course dutch oven pineapple upside down cake.
On Tuesday after hiking to Silver fall and back we hike the Grove of the Patiarchs. The Bridge was out from a Flood they had on Nov. 6th 2006. After several day of steady rain they got 18 inch in one day. You could tell it was quite high at one point. Damaged the bridge. As you could see from the picture. They allowed one person at a time to across. It took along time to cross because there was a large family infront of us.
Coming back Jillian and I brought Kamden and Carter across the bridge. Everyone else crossed the river.

After hiking we had lunch and came home.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom was out riding around on Dad motorcycle again.

Mom and I went for breakfast with a few others. We went to a small town in Oregon "Weston". It is south of College Place as you turn to go to Tolegate. She is getting to be quite the motorcycle babe.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Firearm Training

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I made it. It was a wonderful trip. Here are some pictures and a few stories about the trip. It all started Tues. morning at 6 am. We met at a gas station by the Cable bridge. There were six of us. David Mills only went as far a Dayton where we stop for breakfast. There was only one bike problem. Of course it was my bike. I went to fill up my bike in Dayton and my bike would not start. My battery was dead. They push started me and I drove to Lewiston Idaho were I purchased a new battery.

Once we got into Idaho John Mayfield went to Missoula, Montana to do some work. The four of us headed south towards Boise. Along the way we saw several fires. This one we stopped and watch this helicopter dip his bucket into a river and fly away to dump it on the fire a few miles away.

I saw some of the prettiest country. Mountains, streams, trees and blue skies. It was absolutely wonderful. The smells were strong and wonderful. We did run into some road construction. It give a chance to rest our bottoms. We rode about 445 miles the first day. That a long time in the saddle.
My bike is in front I placed a pillow against my T-bag for a back rest. It worked great. All the other bikes were bigger and had music to listen to. I forgot to take mom's mp3 player. So I would sing at the top of my lungs and no one would hear me.

The 1st night we spent on the Salmon River in Stanley Idaho. Small town - it's main income tourism. River Rafting Businesses. Our motels was about 5 feet from the river. We were on the 2nd floor with balcony that over looked the river. We got up at 5:00 and left at about 6:00 and followed the river. Again beautiful country. We saw a lot of deer along the river.
We were heading to Butte, Montana both Dick Brown and myself were getting low on gas. What an interesting feeling that was.

We got to Butte, Montana and headed straight for John's Pork Chop Sandwich's Shop. John Mayfield and Dick Brown had some shirt made up just for the occasion. ON the back it says Butte, Montana - Pork Chop Run - 2007

I was more than alittle concerned about a pork chop sandwich. However it turned out to be very good.

On our way out of town we stopped at the big open pit copper mine.


After Butte we headed to Virgina City. On the way we stopped and did alittle mining for garnets. You can't see it very good but the owner, who is standing next to me went and got some big garnets, one of which I am holding in my fingers. We are trying to act like I just found a big garnet worth a lot of money.
After about an hour there we were off for Virgina City.

As you can see it is an old town. Population I believe was just over 100 people. However during the summer streets are full of tourist.

Big gold mining back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. When the gold ran out everyone just left. A man and woman saw that town was dieing in 1940 or 50's. They bought up most of the town and started to maintain it until they died. The state stepped in and help to maintain it for tourism.

This is the hotel we stayed at.

It was built back in the early 1900's.

Two beds and sink. The toilet and shower were down the hall where we shared it with the other guest.

This is the lobby of the hotel. It is actually pretty cool.

This is the theater we visited. We watched a play and some vaudeville acts. It was all very good.

One of the acts was a girl that sang and walked around flirting with men. So we all moved away from Dick Brown so she would flirt with him but the manager was sitting behind us and motioned to the girl to come over to Greg Rose. We all got up and left Greg by himself. It was a lot of fun and laughs.

The next day we were off to Yellowstone. We came in on the Northwest side. Back in the 50's there was a big earthquake and land slide. We stopped and learned all about it. We actually enter the park at West Yellowstone. We saw all the animals, mud pots, and gyserys. As you can see from the photo not a lot of clouds. It was about 10 minutes to Old Faithful. We waited about 45 minutes at the lodge for it to blow. It started to sprinkle.

We put our rain gear on and continued north to where the road cuts back to West Yellowstone. There is a big pairie where the bafflo roam.

By now we are in hard rain, a thunder storm, with lightening and thunder all around us. The traffic in the other lane is stop because of a stalled truck and we bumper to bumper in the middle of the bafflo. A park ranger truck is coming down the middle of the road trying to get to the stalled truck. There is no should but we have to pull of the road to let him by. The only problem was there were to bafflo 5 feet from the road where I was to pull over. I just kept moving. It rained until we where almost to Rexburg.

We spent the night in Rexburg. I spent the night with Bailey, Mike and Kooper.
In the morning we drove up by the temple to check it out.

We were off for Baker City via Arco.

It was hot, hot, hot. 102 in Boise.

This is five guys tring to beat the heat and cool off at the Cracker Barrel in

We spent the night in Baker City. The motel had a pool. We spent about an hour, maybe two in it cooling down. We drove that night to the next town. The town I believe is Hanes, very small. However, it had a steak house where Greg Rose paid for dinner. It was fanastic.
The next morning we drove to Sumpter and checked out the old dredge. We then drove up Cracker Creek to a minning camp. Yes this is the same creek where I got buckets of dirt to pan for gold in the back yard. We did about 3 hours of minning. and about 3 and half hour trip home. It was great. I am ready to go again. I would like to take mom this time. We are planning a trip around the north cascade highway sometime in August. Only three day and with mom on the bike. So stay tuned.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The long ride for biscuits and gravey

Mom and I got up at 6:00 am and drove an hour and 10 minutes to Dayton. We stopped at a little old shop and had the their world famous "Biscuits and Gravey". We rode to the large Metropolis of Waitsburg where we filled up with gas and continued our adventure through Dixie to Walla Walla. When we were about half way home a very strong wind came up and we could a large storm ahead of us. So we hurried home and just in time. About 20 to 30 minutes we had a lightening, thunder, wind and rain. Mom was great and loved it. We plan on going to Mount Rainier in the near future. The bike is running great after new tires and an oil change.

We are looking forward to bring Kendall and Jillian home on Tues. and the family reunion Thurs, Friday and Saturday. We will miss Chauntel and Jeremy and kids. We love you.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Biker Babe

How do you like my riding jacket Dad bought me for an early birthday gift? Now I will be safer and warmer. Dad is changing the oil and spark plugs on the bike today. He is saving alot of money by doing it himself. To take it in to have it done costs about $250!
We have our Regional activity tonight and it is over 100! It's suppose to be a parking lot dance but I think we will have to have it inside to keep cool.
Dad has taken Kim to the airport to go to vagas to visit a guy freind for 5 days. We will have the girls for most of that time.
We are really looking forward excitedly, to our family reunion!!! We wish Chauntel and her family could be here. Maybe they will come for Christmas?!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dallas and Forrey Reunion

Isaac at play group at the Bishops home.
Makayla in the hot tub at the Bishops:) Father and Daughter.

Yummy snacks at the Ranger Astros game!
Jackson helmetless at the game
Don't they all look Texan?
Makayla at Soccor camp
Aunt Carol, Debbie, and her husband. Granadpa Schultz reading to Jackson.
Grandma Schultz and Jackson
Jackson loved watching grandpa prune the shrubs.
Astro Rangers game in Dallas.

Aunt Julie and my cousin Lynette
We had a wonderful time in Dallas twith the kids and grandkids! What a sweet family! The kids loved their grandpa the bestest. He helped Jackon make LOTS of baskets and now they are best buds.