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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to School

This picture is of Dad and I with Mount Rainier in the background. We took this on a trip to Packwood.

Dad and I are back in the swing of things and glad we had such a nice summer. I went to Packwood with Rochelle's family and Dad went on his bike with Cole Labor Day. I tried to put pictures up and my blog won't let me or I am doing something wrong. Janet and I went the the Parade of Homes Saturday. Ther are some very rich people out there and some very pretty homes. There were two that were contemporary in design and in decor. They were interesting to look at but I would never choose that for my self. We ahd another wedding reception on Friday. One of the Linde girls. We have had a bunch of weddings this year. Our branch numbers are dwindling. We had our branch dinner on thursday and we only had about 15 come. Last night we had FHE here and we had about 10. I made sinful brownies and they loved them! Wed we have branch temple baptisms. I am going to do a session while Dad helps with the baptisms. So we are keeping busy. I am looking forward to the cruise next week. I'm alittle nevous that I won't be able to tolerate so much ease and relaxing:)


Chauntel said...

I can't believe mom and dad are bikers now. They both need mullets and dad needs a big mustache.

Rochelle said...

That was so much fun. Cole can't wait to do it again.