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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag Your It!

Thanks Bailey! Since we haven't updated our blog since Oct I guess this forces me to do it. You know if I was as funny at saying things as my girls I would look forward to this assignment. You all know how much I love Dad so here goes.

1.Every where we go we see people who have had kids in Dad's class at Burbank. Even last night in the Temple we saw Bishop Lot ans his wife. They were strangers to me but they knew Dad. And every time we see people who know him they ALWAYS say "You are my kids favorite teacher by far". So if you didn't know this, your Father is loved by many not just his family.

2. Dad loves to do yard work and is happiest when he has a project to do out there. He really has a green thumb. It wasn't always this way. Trial and error and tips from his father. So it is a learned thing but he definitely has a gardening talent. I think he would have made a great landscaper as a career. Thank goodness he chose teaching, the insurance has been a blessing to our family.

3. Even I didn't know this about Dad until a year ago, He loves riding motorcycles!!! I am so glad his back is better so he can ride again in in the Spring. He loves his Honda Aero. I've never seen anything besides his kids and grandchildren to make him smile and laugh with such pure joy! He is so handsome in his leathers and bandanna, look out Peter Fonda (Easy Rider star)!

4. Dad believes in free agency and practices it in our marriage. He lets me make my own choices. It has helped me learn from my choices. When we married I couldn't make choices on my own very well. I thought I would go from a Mom to help me to a Husband to make them for me. I can't say I give him the same courtesy, that's one of the reasons I value that quality in him. I think it is a quality our Heavenly Father has.

5. Bet you didn't know what a sense of humor your Dad has:) I guess that's not a secret to you who know him. That quality is what lead me to fall in love with him. What fun to have someone to laugh with during the good and tough times. He keeps things in prospective for me. There is always a funny side to things or a blessing to see in life's trial's.

Well maybe you knew all these things about Dad but it is nice for me to remember and write them down!

Tag to Kendall, Jeremy, and Mike ( the guys must do thier wives) Have fun!