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Friday, November 09, 2007

Dad's back is still a pain

Just got back from the surgeon. He said, another month with physical therapy. I was so emotional just knowing a time, and no surgery that I broke into tears coming home. I have three appoints set up for therapy next week. Called Mr. Taylor my principle told him and now just a lot of therapy work.
Mom celebrated Kim's move by cleaning and Kendall didn't hestiate to move into the middle bedroom. Life is good.
Mom and I grateful for all our blessings, family, friends, jobs, health, the gosple, the priesthood, and for prayer.


Chauntel said...

One more month. Do you think you can make it. I hope the pain starts to let up more and more everyday. I kids have you on their list of people to bless in their prayers.

Anonymous said...

So I have decided it would be in your best interest to start doing Yoga. It's supposed to strenthen your back and get rid of pain. Just a thought and if you do decided to take that route would you have mom take lots of pictures. I love you get well soon. We will see you next week.

Kimber & Jeremy said...

I LOVE THE SCHULTZS!!!! I just found Chauntel's blog and was so excited and then I saw a link to yours and of course I'm thrilled. You two have no idea how much I just love you and what you have meant in my life! You are two of my lifes most favorite people. :)I have to go take care of my kids, but I was so excited to find you that I had to say SOMETHING! I love you both. Love, Kimber