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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

I forgot to take pictures this week end! Sorry! We had Ham on Thanksgiving instead of turkey. You know how Dad loves Ham! Kim's family came over and Kendall was here. Jillian Had to work till 7pm. Then she gets Christmas off. She made double time pay so it was worth it. Her and Kendall decorated the tree for me:) It looks like Christmas aroud here! We took Alexis and Kara to Shopko to buy thier cousin exchange gifts on Thanksgiving. It wasn't oo crowded. On Fri we went back to get some shoes for Kendall and the lines were awful. Kendall and I went shopping by 7am. I finished all my shopping except for Dad's and what do you give a guy that only wants a motor cycle for christmas? Money I think!
We bought the game Disney Scene It. That is a fun game! Maybe because I won? Lots of Disney shows over the years of daycare!
Jillian gave a talk on Sacrefice Sunday in Sacrement meeting and she did a great job!
It is so wonderful to have Kendall at home again! I think Jillian likes the company. They went to a movie aon Sat while we went to Hermiston Oregon to see our friends the Rice's. We haven't seen them for 12 years! They have a farm there he got from his Granny. He grew up there. Even went to the same building with the folding chairs that grandma and grandpa Forrey went too. They will be living between SLC and Hermiton farm so we will see more of them.
Kendall and Jillian represented our family at Chris Cain's wedding recption Sat night.
We had about 3 inches of snow on Sunday but by evening it was gone! It was fun to watch it come down but I'm glad Rochelle and Ryan don't have to drive in it today! Mom

Friday, November 10, 2006

Halloween costumes and Dad's 56th