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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dad got his bike.

I got my BIKE. Wow isn't cool. I am so excited to get on it and do some riding. The biggest problem now is, it is in Phoenix Az. Uncle Ken picked it up for me. So it is at his house. It will probable stay there until late Jan to early March. I won't be able to ride it much in Dec., Jan. or Feb. I am hoping to get on it in March. I will go down next week and take a written test to get my endorsement. Then a drives test late spring, early summer.

It is a Honda, Shadow. Specifically a Shadow Areo. It has the classic look. It is coming with all the stuff I wanted. Windowshield, saddle bags, floor boards (that is where your feet rest), sissy seat for mom, a light bar, etc.

I plan to ride it on Saturdays with Greg R., Bill Crook, Dick Brown and a few others. They usually take off around 6 am for a small town near by, have breakfast and return around noon.
Maybe ride it to school a few times and if all goes well maybe a long ride this summer.

Before I take mom for a ride I will need to be comfortable on it. I don't think mom is in any big hurry to get on it anyway.

Well, I feel like a little kid with a new toy that can't play it. Just look at it.


Bailey said...

Congrats dad I love the bike. Forget about mom I want to go for a ride. I am so excited for you.