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Sunday, January 21, 2007

This and That

Hi Girls,
I picked out a variety of pictures from the last month. Enjoy!
We have been busy with our jobs and dad is in the midst of wrestling season. His first match is Thur. We meet at 2 now on sunday's and that is SOOOO late! I have to take a short nap before I go or I fall asleep during the meetings. It is nice to be back in the Buntin buldg. It's home! we've been watching Kara every Sat while Kim works. Alexis always finda a friend to spend the day with so I guess we aren't as fun as friends! Imagine that! Dad is getting so anxious for his bike to arrive next Mon the 29th.
Dad and I are having a dinner here Wed for some of the kids from the branch who are less active. I love those kids!
I have been dieting for 1 week and have lost 6 lbs! I am trying the Weight Watchers diet of all fruits, veggies and whole grains. I guess it does work! Now if I could just get motivated to exercise more.
We had snow for the week but it finally warmed up enough to melt yesterday, Yeah!
I really love to see the snow fall but hate to drive on the slick roads. It's not good for Ryan's work either!
Love to you all and your families:)