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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dorthy's Memorial

Last week end we attended Aunt Dorthy Schultz's Memorial in Moses Lake at the Luthern church. Dad loved seeing all his cousins and sister! They had a nice luncheon afterwards. We were so glad Rochelle's family attended! She remembers alot of the family. Grandma Schultzs has only one living sibling left, Uncle Harlan who lives in Connell. Next saturday Dad will attend an 80th birthday party for Harlan. I won't be able to go as I will be with my girls in Rexburg! It's mothers week. The only way I could go was with Rochelle's help babysitting and the girls in Rexburg are paying my way there! What a sweet jesture. I miss those girls but it's Kooper I really can't wait to hold and kiss!
Dad hopes the weather will be good so he can ride his bike to Connell on Saturaday.
Rice's were at thier farm this week end so we had them over to visit and go to dinner at Fiesta Mexican resturant. We enjoyed our time with them.
We watched Cole's last basketball game Saturday. He such a good player, and the tallest. His team won!
We had some kids from the branch over for dinner on Wed. That was fun to get to know them better. I got a fun card game with questions on them to help you get to know people better and we passed those around during dinner.
Kara has RSV. A resptitory illness. As I have her today I wont get to church until Sunday School. Kim will come get her at 3. I guess Alexis likes going to her friends house better than Grandma's. I only have her about once a month.
I will try to post pictures and if I can't figuare it out I will have Rochelle help me when they come to dinner.
Love and Hugs, Mom