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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eight things I Love or eight things about me.

If I understand this correctly, I can write four things I love and four things about me.

1. I am madly in love with Sandra. My love for her has grown for 34 years. She is my best friend and my eternal companion. She is the mother to my six daughters. She make me laugh. She inspires me to be good.

2. I love the Lord, my savior and redeemer. I am so grateful for his life, sacrifice and gospel.

3. I love my family. All six of the most beautiful girls that every walk this earth. Their husbans that provide and take care of them. For 10 wonderful grandkids. I love it when we get together. I am looking forward to our reunion.

4. I enjoy riding my motorcycle. Warm days, the wind, the sights and smell. It is absolutely the greatest feeling of freedom.

5. I am ready to retire. I love sleeping in to 6:30 or 7:00. Getting up and deciding what to do for that day. Not having to prepare lesson plans and putting up with disrespectfully kids.

6. I would love to buy a small farm. An older house, barn, with about 20 arces of land. Something to keep me busy but not over worked. Lots of trees for shade when we get together. A few animals - a cow or two, a horse, a pig, a dog and maybe a few chicken for fresh eggs once in while.

7. I would like to travel alittle. It would be wonderful to go back to Germany with Sandra and visit my mission, Europe and even the Holy Land. I would like to see parts of Asia. However I would settle for vacation in Hawaii or a nice long cruise.

8. I am looking forward to a misson with Sandra. Either working with Young Single Adults, working in Salt Lake or a church historical site in a visitors center. Maybe in germany working with inactives or in a mission home. Hopeful not in Hepner Oregon, but I will go where ever the Lord asks me to go.

I will let mom writer her eight later.


Rochelle said...

Dad, Thanks for taking the time. I learned some new things and like to rehear somethings about you.


Anonymous said...

wow I didn't know that about the farm. That would be so much fun. Tell mom to get to work on her top eight.