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Friday, March 21, 2008

Kim's new living room

Kim's new lamps and end table.
Kendall and Dad trying out the new love seat.
Tre playing a game.
Dad and Kendall once again because he is so cute!!!!
See the coffee table? The wood is a pretty brown.
Wedding plans march on and we seem to make alittle head way every day. Life would be terribly dull with out stress in it!!!

Dad, Jillian and I are off to do temple baptism tonight. Too bad Cody is out of town and will miss going to the Temple with Jillian. He better not miss the next temple date, May 3rd!


Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Kim did good. I like the couches and end tables with the lights.

Don't get to stressed about the reception. Remember no matter what it isn't the most important part of being married. Have fun with it that is the most important thing.

Bailey said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Kims new stuff I love it. It looks so good. I was hoping someone would take a picture. I can't wait to come home. If I can do anything to help with the wedding plans from utah let me know.

Chauntel said...

Kim I love your new couches. Your home looks great. And holy cow I don't think you could fit a bigger TV in there if you tried.