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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Full House

We had Kooper here this week. What a cute personality he has. He really loved all the kids that are at our house everyday. He would say "My Friends!" When they would go home he would try to get in the car with them to go home with them. I told him they would be back the next day, besides he had Tristen and Gavin
to play (bully) with. I have never had such an easy kid to put to bed as Kooper! His parents have trained him well. We really enjoyed bonding with him. He's so cute. Glad Bailey and Mike are having another cutie!

I have had some back pain off and on for months. The Dr sent me to a specialist and I had an MRI. Just discs degenerating-normal aging stuff. Need to stretch and exercise more. I am just gald I don't require surgery!! The back pain does seem to be linked to lifting the kids. I'm trying no to do that.


Bailey said...

Thanks again mom and dad for watching my kid. I am sure he had a blast with grandpa and grandma. We love you!

Anonymous said...


Al Shirley McGinnis said...

Sandy and Rodger I love the pictures you have on here! Sandy you are such a good wife. Beautiful just as Rodger says! Also a good lady. You have such style and class honey,