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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Alexis is happy to be at the Forrey reunion. She is 14 now!
Papa Kevin Tame, Avonlea, and Josh. don't know where Lea was.
Papa Hyrum, Toshina, Nora and Hyrum Jr
Ashlyn Lewis helping Steve cook breakfast Sunday.
The happy but tired Hosts, Christy and Steve. Reunion was at their home.
Grandma, Grandpa McGinnis, Carol and Ed, Chelsea and Kenny, and Brittany
Julian with his parents Chelsea and Kenny Smith
Makayl and Jeremy performing at the talent show. Yeah we finally have talent that can be shown!!
Kendall, Chelsea, Julian, Deanna, and Karry ( Terry forreys wife)
Packing lunches for the hike. Toshina and Diane.
Ken, Diane, and Kenny
Time out from boating. Kayla, Kami, Kara, Tristin and Gavin.
The Buds!
Rochelle and Mom enjoying the day!