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Friday, September 29, 2006


We had the girl's Thursday evening and thought you would like some pics of them. The photo color isn't real great but you get the idea. Jillian helped Alexis with her home work bless her heart. I've done my share! Kara sure can eat for such a petite girl! I read the "Pickles" cartoon in the paper today and It said " grandkids make us happy twice, once when they come and again when they leave" We wish Kooper, Makayla, Isaac, and Jackson lived closer so we could watch them once in awhile!!!!
Tomorrow for my 53rd birthday Rodger is taking me to Leavenworth for the day. We love it there. I remember how much Jeremy didn't like it there when we took him!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I'll have to get Breanne to help me with one. Your grandkids are so cute. i can't imagine not having them all close by that you be hard. Tell Kim her girls are darling. glad to hear that your school year is going great with daycare kids. Happy birthday, have fun in Leavenworth we LOVE it there too.

Bailey said...

Mom when I come I will have to teach you how to add everyones blog links to your own. I can't wait to see everyone. Hopefully Kooper won't get sick this time. It seems like everytime we come to Washington he gets sick.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gand child! They are so wonderful. We are blessed to have so many beautiful spirits in our midst!
A blog is a great way to go...i like seeing them on line.
Love Mom