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Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Landscaping!

Dad has been adding more beautiful landscaping. He's so good at that! We love the evergreen tree's. I will be sad when the plants start dying for the winter.

Janet and I went to the Parade of home's and had a good time. There are some pretty home's out there. We think they must be house poor with the mortgages they have! Janet and I like looking at the furnishings to get ideas. I'm not into the real modern look. I guess you would say Dad and I like traditional things.

Dad's haveing a great year because of the new and successful disipline program they adopted.
I have good kids this year and no one new so that's easy. But they all love to talk TOO me! So I am haveing my patience tested.

I will get some pics of Kim and kids to add to this once in a while. We really love you all bunches and think of you everyday many times.

Hugs from Grandma


Chauntel said...

Dad should come down and help us with our landscaping. We haven't done a single thing with the yard since we've moved in. I'm guessing it gets kind of expensive and our money has been going towards other house issues.

Bailey said...

Wow dad that looks great. I love the trees and the rock looks awesome. Next summer you need to come down and help us finish our yard too.

Anonymous said...

Rodger, great job, I second the request. Any time you want you are welcome to work in my yard. Steve Downing

Anonymous said...

Rodger your yard is great! you sure have a green thumb. you have always worked in your yards and made them so nice for your family. Dad and I are proud of you.
Love Mom