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Friday, May 16, 2008

A House of a Different Color

Isn't this a lovely color! I really love the door and lg pot.
We are felling so relaxed since the wedding festivies are over. Tonight we are going to the Temple to do endowments. I can't wait to feel the peace and spirit of the Temple. It seems all your worries and concerns fade. I love to have a prayer in the Celestrial Room after each session. It gives me strength and hope for answers and blessings in the lives of my family. I God lives and loves us! The Temple is evidence of his love.
We had FHE here and Mark Mace who just returned form his mission gave a great lesson. We have Linger Longer on Sunday and the Priesthod is in cahrge of bringing all the food. Should be interesting to see if we have enough! Dad's going to make a lasagna.
I can't get over how beautiful spring is around here! It's so green and I love all the beautiful flowers. The birds are out in full force and the sounds are sweet. Last night Janet came over to visit and we had a great time sitting out side and sharing news. I am so blessed to have such a good friend. One more month from today till school is out for summer vacation!!!
You all know with the weather being hot Dad will be riding tomorrow with the guys. It's his hobby that brings him happiness and relief from stress. I will be having a SMALL yard sale with the Shadow Runs annual yard sale. What ever doesn't sell will go to the good will! Dejunking the house gives me pleasure! We really do have too many things we hang on to.
The boys are just getting cuter by the day. They are learning so much now. It brings back so many sweet memories of you all when you were babies having them right here to observe.
Jillian and Cody need to update thier blog but don't have internet. I will tell you they are doing fine. Cody found another job for a plummer and will start Monday. He will make $2 more an hour and get more hours (40). Jillian really needs to find a new job too. She hates her currant job. Been there too long. We need to go over there to see her apt.
Kim is flagging in the day and working Winco from 6-10 at night and all day week ends. I think trying to make enough money for the bills means she doesn't get to see the kids much. Summer sill be hard for them.


Chauntel said...

I love you home. It looks great. Tell Jillian she'd better start blogging. I'm getting a little miffed.