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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Route 66

School was out on June 12th at 11:30. All the teachers from the elementary and middle school stand wave goodbye to the students as the buses pull out. It is a big deal. After that the middle school teacher meet for a very short meeting. I was the first one in my car and on my way home by 11:55. I got home changed clothes and had a quick bite to eat.

Bro. Crook and I were on are way. We drove to Twin Fall, Idaho, where spent the night.

We then drove from Twin Falls to Henderson Nev. It was a long hot ride. My credit card stop working. It was a security element. When the card is being used out of state they stop authoritization. Sandy had to call them and let them know I was on a trip.

We hit some rode construction. That is when it gets really hot, just standing around on the pavement.

Friday evening we caught up with Greg Rose. He had made reservations at a motel in Henderson. The next morning we got up early to beat the heat and rode across Hover Dam. Bro. Crook had to pull over and have his trailor check. As you can see from the next picture the water is pretty low (about 60 to 70 feet).

From Hoover dam we started route 66 at Kingsman.
From Kingsman we backtracked to Oatman Az. It is an old mining town. They let the donkey go when they stopped mining. They now roam the streets of Oatman.
When stayed in Flagstaff Az. and Sunday morning visited the Grand Canyon. The went back to Flagstaff for church.
From Flagstaff we went through Winona, Winslow, and then on to Holbrook.
We stayed at the Wigwam motel.
We were then off to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is the route 66 dinner were we had lunch.
We made as far as Santa Fe New Mexico. That night on the Weather Channel they were predicting severe weather, Hail, high winds, rain and possible tornados. So we left route 66 and head back for Utah. We went through Four Corners. Here I am standing in four state at the same time. Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Before we left New Mexico we found Madaris where they filmed "Wild Hogs. This is Maggie Dinner.
My brother in law Ken McGinnis caught up with us and rode with us for a few days.
Before leaving Colorado we stopped at Mesa Verde. We were able to climb up to one of the dwellings. It was awesome.

The went to three parks in Utah. The first was Archs National Park.

Next Bryces National Park. I liked it the most. OOPS I just deleted the picture.

We saw these in Zions National Park.

How does this happened??????


Anonymous said...

What a tough Grandpa! That looks like it was a blast. Still don't know if I could hold up on one of those trips or not. Maybe I could if we did all those drinking games at night that you told me about. I just don't know about the environment though. Just seems like it gets a little too out of hand.

Chauntel said...

awesome pictures grandpa. i think it's wonderful, you were able to go and do that. love ya