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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bored and Sick

I had to put a picture in, so I put mom in because she so daren beautiful. I am coughing my head off, so mom told me to stay home from church today. I am in the middle of wrestling. I have some pretty good boys this year, but two are injuried, six were out because of grades and two have just become eligible with enough practices. Two of them are behavior problems. Major behavior problems. My assistant coach has NEVER wrestled before. Two more practices and three more matches.
I am looking forward to spring and summer. To get out of the house and out in the yard. I haven't been walking much the past 5 or 6 months. It shows around my stomach. I am still the same weight but an inch or two bigger. I have noticed a lot more aches and pains. My hip is aching, my neck, were I sit is hurting. With all that LIFE is still good. I am in Love with my wife, I love my family, Spring is just around the corner and I can go take a nap.


Granny McGinnis said...

Rodger it sounds like this summer will be a great pleasure for you...away from the boys who are problems at school.As I read you post about aches in the body, I think about my own and what dad tells me about his. Aging is not too much fun at times. Loved it when you said I love my wife!!! You and Sandra have always been such a great couple. I love you and the way you both look out for one another.
Love and Hug's Mom