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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Day Weekend!

Jillian and Cody's car made it here and Back! We were so glad to have them here for the week end. They stayed at the Robles. Jillian isn't showing yet. They still look in love:)
Valentine's day we went over to the Robertson's for a homemade dinner compliments of Dave. It was very delish!! I look forward to it every year. I think this was the 4th year he invited us. They have the Ackerman's too and we always enjoy their company.
Dad feels a little better today. He has a wrestling match near Mattawa tonight so he will home late.
Rochelle has herceptin today so Carter and Kami are here for the afternoon. I'm glad to have them over once in a while. My daycare kids get really excited to see them.
I made 25 containers of Strawberry freezer jam last night. We were out of it so I was happy to see one of the grocery stores have Strawberries 2/$3! It really isn't cheaper but we are spoiled and only like freezer jam. I bought some store jam and we couldn't stand it. Ick!
Got to go take care of the boys. Someone smells!


chelsmi said...

Aunt Sandy,

I want to make freezer jam with you! You are spoiled to have such a great skill. I remember mom and Ashlyn making it when I was younger but I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to actually know how to do it myself. It sounds so yummy!


Chauntel said...

I've bought all the stuff to make jarred jam. Does it taste different. I just don't have the freezer space.

I haven't told you, I'm trying to become a coupon freak. I'm off to a bad start, though. I bought three papers looking for the coupons (thinking someone stole them) and this sunday there weren't any:)

Granny McGinnis said...

Sandy you are so right. There is no jam as good as Freezer jam. And we all love Strawberry. Chauntel the bottled strawberry jam is good when it is HOMEMADE! (Bought, is not that good.) So go ahead and bottle it at home and you will love it! It's the homemade that makes it taste soo good!
Love You,

Granny McGinnis said...

Jillian and Cody look so cute together. They do look and act like they are very much in Love!
I am so happy for them and the baby developing inside.
Hugs for you all, Mom